Study: When does Germany listen to podcasts?

In March 2020, we conducted an online survey with our visitors to In this survey, we asked around 1,013 people what time of day they listen to podcasts most often. In order to get as diverse a voting result as possible, we integrated the survey on all category and topic pages of our website.

Who would have thought: People listen to podcasts at night (15% of respondents) almost as often as at midday (18%). Our March 2020 online survey on podcast listening behaviour showed that Germany consumes podcasts by far in the evening (42%) and in the morning (25%).

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    1.013 Befragte (2020)
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    Online survey

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What podcast producers can learn from the study

Based on the study results, it can be stated that an episode release around 3 pm is recommended. Reason: Some podcast apps and podcatchers only update podcast feeds every few hours. This would ensure that the episode is consumed on the same day and make the most of the evening→night→morning window. In addition, simultaneous streams from the day of broadcast can have a positive impact on podcast chart rankings.