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The number of podcasts out there is constantly increasing - new ones are added every week, which doesn't necessarily make the search for the perfect podcast any easier - it's easy to lose track. podwatch presents you with the current podcast charts for all genres every day, so you always know where it's really worth tuning in and listening or where you stand with your podcasts.


We present to you: The Top 100 UK Podcast Charts

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It seems that podcasts are slowly but surely becoming the most popular medium on the internet. According to bitkom, almost a third of people living in Germany listened to podcasts last year. In the target group of 16 to 29-year-olds, it was even over 35% of people living in Germany who regularly listen to their favourite show. And the trend is still rising.

Publishing a podcast is not difficult - all you need is a microphone, a recording device and an internet connection to later upload the audio files as an episode to a podcast library and publish them on the desired platform. This allows not only media companies or famous personalities like Schulz and Böhmermann to produce a show, but also private individuals to produce episodes. The topics and categories are wide-ranging - from politics to philosophy, small talk with guests, entertainment, education and many other genres, the podcast landscape extends. Podcatchers such as Spotify or the Apple podcast app provide you with the latest episodes from popular podcast shows such as Hotel Matze, Herrengedeck, Fest & Flauschig or Zeit Verbrechen.

One reason for the increasing popularity of podcasts on Spotify, iTunes and co. is probably the comparatively easy accessibility of the content. The episodes can be listened to at any time without much effort, which is particularly practical for many people during "idle times". Whether it's while exercising, cooking, cleaning, relaxing or simply falling asleep - the conversations and lectures in the radio-like audio format are omnipresent and an everyday companion for many listeners.

However, since podcasts are very topic-related, it is difficult to make a general statement about the right podcast for exciting entertainment. Depending on the area of interest, very different podcast categories can be relevant and exciting.

Which podcasts are the best?

podwatch shows you which podcasts rank particularly high in your (favourite) category and which newcomers are currently taking off in the various categories. This way, you are not only up to date on Spotify and Co. every week or month, but even daily. → Discover the charts now

How do I subscribe to podcasts from the charts?

The best way to listen to a podcast regularly is to use a podcast app. So-called podcatchers. Here you will find a selection of the best podcast apps (podcatchers):

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What does podwatch have to do with the podcast charts?

podwatch shows you the current Apple podcast and Spotify charts. Our podScore is a helpful indicator that provides information about popularity and relevance, as well as daily and historical rankings of all podcasts. → Discover the charts now