podScore Your missing metric in podcast analysis

The podScore is a helpful indicator that describes the popularity and relevance of a podcast within its Apple topic category. It thus creates the prerequisite for carrying out a wide range of analyses - from simple trend statements to the identification of various success factors of a podcast.


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This is what the podScore looks like

The podScore is a key figure calculated according to a fixed procedure that provides information about the medium- to long-term development of a podcast. The corresponding rating scale ranges from 0 - the lowest - to 100 - the highest relevance.

The podScore is based on this data basis

The initial starting point for the podScore calculation process is the top 400 rankings in the German Apple podcast charts. All relevant data is automatically collected, processed and entered into our extensive podwatch database on a daily basis.

This is what lies behind the calculation of our podScore

In contrast to the singular view of the current placement of a podcast, the podScore with its temporal dimension offers more than just a snapshot. Through the integral consideration of both current and historical data, insights into the longer-term placement development as well as its variability are included in the key figure calculation. In this way, correlations in the performance diagnostics and optimisation of a podcast are revealed that were previously hidden.

This is how the possibilities of the podScore can be used in a targeted way

The observation period, which is available free of charge on our website, shows the placement trend of the past 14 days, but can be freely selected and adapted as desired. Thus, depending on the question and requirements, an individual analysis can be carried out - for example with the overriding goal of identifying individual podcast success factors.