The best Podcast Apps – Podcatcher

Podcasts apps are technically called podcatchers. A podcast app, or podcatcher, is software that allows you to subscribe to your favourite podcasts. This way you can download new episodes directly to your player or smartphone to stay up to date.

Here we present the six best podcast apps and their features so you can decide which cast app is best for you.

Apple Podcasts (iOS)

The Apple Podcasts app allows iOS users to discover and subscribe to podcasts for free. Be entertained, informed and inspired by your favourite podcasts anywhere in the Apple Podcasts app. Save your favourite podcasts offline on your iOS device and listen to them later in the app without an internet connection.

Podcast-App: Apple Podcasts
Podcast-App: Spotify


The Spotify app doesn't just let you stream music. The app also offers thousands of podcasts, so you can enjoy your favourite casts and discover many new things. Save the podcasts you like in the app to automatically save new episodes.

Google Podcasts (Android)

The Google Podcasts app is a player for Android users. Google Podcast allows you to subscribe to any podcast in the world, download the episodes for free and play them offline. In addition, you can sync all your Android devices with each other, so you can stay up to date wherever you are.

Podcast-App: Google Podcasts
Podcast-App: Castro

Castro (iOS)

The Castro app was developed for podcast lovers. With Castro, it's especially easy to keep track of your podcasts, even if you have a lot of subscriptions. The app offers many functions and makes it especially easy for you to discover exciting episodes and enjoy them from anywhere.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a free provider that takes you by the hand and guides you through the world of podcasts. The app makes it easy to discover new exciting content and organise it easily. The podcast app also offers handy tools to help you discover new shows.

Podcast-App: Pocketcast

Popular podcast apps

In the following, we would like to introduce you to other podcast apps whose range of functions covers topics such as chapter markers or the hiding of advertisements. Some podcatchers can be downloaded to your smartphone for free or by subscription (for a year or month). See what you like best!

Overcast-Open AppStore
AntennaPodOpen Google Play-
CastboxOpen Google PlayOpen AppStore
BeyondPodOpen Google Play-
Downcast-Open AppStore